Guilford Cares announces a new Falls Prevention Tai Chi Class at the Broad Brook Community Center beginning Thursday, April 4, 2019, and running for 10 weeks (until June 6th). Classes start at 10 o’clock in the morning.

For those currently doing Tai Chi at the Guilford Community Church at 11 o’clock on Monday mornings, those classes will continue. All are welcome to join that class which runs independent of the new Falls Prevention program.

The regular practice of the slow, rhythmic movements of Tai Chi relieves joint pains, improves balance, and promotes a sense of well being. The Falls Prevention class specifically improves balance and confidence in movement in a safe, easy-to-master program that one can do even seated, if necessary.

Leah Gessner, a certified instructor, leads the classes. Tai Chi Vermont, Inc., certifies instructors in this falls prevention program especially to improve the mobility and safety of seniors across our state. The program was developed by an Australian family physician and promoted in this country by the Arthritis Foundation.

You only need a pair of soft comfortable shoes and loose clothing. Actually you can do this program in bare feet if you prefer. You will find yourself in the company of welcoming neighbors enjoying moving their creaky joints and often laughing in the process.

A donation of $2 per session will help Guilford Cares continue this popular program if your budget allows, but we definitely want you there regardless. If you need a ride to the Community Center please telephone us at 579-1350 or let us know your needs using the Contact Page of this website. Also call or contact us if you have questions. Be careful, you just might love this adventure.