The Board of Guilford Cares

Leah Gessner serves as the Executive Director of Guilford Cares, and you will reach her when you use the contact page of this website. Anne Montgomery serves at the Board President.  Pat Haine serves on the Board and manages the community Food Pantry.  Richard Chapin holds down the post of Treasurer. Barbara Borek fills the key role of Board Secretary.  Sandy Lynn, Shirley Squires, Roger Wilken, Bridget Gardner, Bruce Gardner and Richard Griffith fill out the remaining positions on the Board of Guilford Cares.  The Board Meets each month, usually with one exception in the summer, to reward good behavior.  If you would like to bring an issue to the board, or simply attend a meeting, please contact Leah Gessner to make sure you have the correct time and location.